TS4 Challenges

Here you will find a list TS4 challenges.  I have not done all of these challenges YET.  However, these are the challenges that I am currently aware of.  I have included the information and the links to the challenges.  I know that seems kind of redundant.  However, there have been a few challenges where I did not save the info for them and then when I went back to do them the info was gone.  So, I decided I didn’t want to loose the info again.  Hence the redundancy.

There are many more challenges than just my favorites.  Here is a link to a full list:

Sims 4 Challenge List

The challenge that started it all

The Original Sims Legacy Challenge – I am not going to put the rules here.  Instead I just put the link to the original.

My Favorite Challenges – Tried / Working On