The day started out just like any other day.  I woke in my home alone as I have done over the past several years.  I keep to myself and have no family to speak of.  Oh, don’t get me wrong I have family, but we haven’t spoken in years.

As I began my daily routine my doorbell rang.  Who could be at my door?  I didn’t order anything.  I didn’t invite anyone over.  I don’t socialize with my neighbors.  I have no idea who or what could be at my door.  Never could I have imagined who and what was about to happen.

I opened the door and there stood a strange funny man.  Who is this man?  What does he want with me?

ME:  Yes, may I help you?

MAN:  Hello!  Are you Lexie Salvatore?

ME:  Who’s asking and why?

MAN:  Ma’am, I must find Lexie Salvatore.  I have important information from her sister Cindy.

ME:  Cindy?

MAN:  Yes, Ma’am.  Are you Lexie Salvatore?

ME:  Yes, I am Lexie Salvatore.  What information do you have from Cindy?

MAN:  Take this package.  The papers and letter inside will explain everything.  If after you read it all, you have any questions call me.  My card is inside the box.  Have a good day.

As the man walked away, I went inside to go through the box the man had given me.  In the box were legal papers, the man’s business card and an envelope.  The envelope had my sister’s handwriting on it.  I hastily opened the envelope, pulled out the letter and began to read it.

ME:  OMG!!  What was my sister thinking?

So many questions in my head.  No answers in the papers the strange man gave me.  My life since moving out on my own and the reasons behind it just are not fitting for what I am being asked to do.

ME:  What happened you ask.  For you to understand how we got to where we are today you need to know the full story.  Let’s start at the beginning.


Chapter 1 – Cherished Childhood