Chapter 2 – Haunted Happenings

My job on the police force was everything I hoped it would be.  I spent a lot of time on patrol and at crime scenes.

When I wasn’t on the beat, I was at the station booking and interrogating suspects.

When at home I spent my time studying for my detective exam.

When I am not studying for my detective exam I am spending time with the family.  We enjoy family game night.  Cards, darts, pool, and other activities.

While on patrol in Magnolia Blossom Park I saw a suspicious person lurking around.  As I approached him, I noticed he had fangs.  Out of nowhere he grabbed me and began to bite my neck.  The next thing I remember I was back at the station.

The next day I began to feel weird, different, and not myself.  Was I coming down with something?  What is going on with me?

The sun began to bother me.  I felt weak, irritable, and nauseous.  Do I have the flu?  My mother being a doctor, I went and saw her.  I told her I wasn’t feeling well.  She checked me out and found nothing.

A few days later I suddenly remembered the day I patrolled the park.  All of a sudden, the memory just came back to me.  Almost as if by magic.  That suspicious man in the park was a vampire.  Did he just bite my neck?  Did he turn me?  OMG!  What now?



Chapter 3- Family Feud