Chapter 1 – Cherished Childhood

Meet the Richmond family.  Father Alec, Mother Grace, Sister Kayla, and me Lexie Richmond.  My father is a dedicated military officer.  My mother is a passionate doctor.  They are both committed to their careers.  They work long hours and at times are gone for long periods of time.  However, when they are home, they are devoted to me and my sister.

We live in a nice house in Willow Springs.

My sister and I are best friends.  No two siblings could be closer.  I would do anything for Kayla.  With my parents having long hours and being gone a lot I watch out for Kayla.  I think this really contributed to my sister and I being so close.  We had to rely on each other.

Before we realize it, we are growing up.  Kayla’s birthday is here.

We had the typical childhood playing together and doing homework together.  Becoming closer with each passing day.


Birthdays come and birthdays go.  Just like that we became teenagers.

Before I knew it, I was a cheerful, active, family oriented young adult with the bodybuilder aspiration.  I joined the police academy with hopes of becoming a detective one day.  While working I am saving every penny to be able to move out on my own one day.  But for now, I still live at home with the family.

I cherished every moment of my childhood.  We were the perfect family.  Full of love, strong bonds, and friendship.  Until one day it all changed.


Chapter 2 – Haunted Happenings