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The Trade Off challenge borrows elements from other game-play challenges.
It is a type of rotational challenge with members in the same household.
It begins simply with two Sims that can only be controlled during assigned time frames.
More on that later but first how about some background to get your creative storytelling juices flowing.

The letter was handwritten on stationary embossed with a strange logo. The envelope has only your name and the logo with no return address. Thinking it is just junk mail you toss it in the bin but then take it back out again when you realize the writing was vaguely familiar. Was it from someone you knew? Just what kind of prank were they trying to pull? “You have been selected for a special project.” Yea … sure. Not going to fall for that trick. As you glance back down at the letter a phrase catches your attention “… and a vast fortune awaits when the assigned tasks are completed”. Hmm this could be worth investigating even if it is a fake. “Just wait til I find out which of my friends sent this” you say thinking out loud. You decide it could be worth a good laugh and quickly make note of the address and arrange transportation.

Your story starts here:
Who sent the letter? Was it an old friend or family member? Why was it sent to you … for what purpose?
There will be someone living on the same lot with you. Are you related, old colleagues or a previous romantic interest or perhaps an enemy from your past or a total stranger?

Setting up the challenge: 
The Household:
Create a fresh household with Zero skills.
Two Young Adult Sims
Can be your own or from the gallery.
Please give credit when using the creations of someone else.
Appearance, aspirations and traits are up to you as long as are not to be compatible.
**Must have at least one or more traits opposite the other.
Example: One good or friendly the other mean or evil.
Aliens and Vampires are allowed.