Favorite Challenges

Here you will find a list of my favorite challenges.  I have not done all of these challenges YET.  However, these are the challenges that interest me and that I eventually want to try.  I have included the information and the links to the challenges.  I know that seems kind of redundant.  However, there have been a few challenges where I did not save the info for them and then when I went back to do them the info was gone.  So, I decided I didn’t want to loose the info again.  Hence the redundancy.

There are many more challenges than just my favorites.  Here is a link to a full list:

Sims 4 Challenge List

The challenge that started it all

The Original Sims Legacy Challenge – I am not going to put the rules here.  Instead I just put the link to the original.

My Favorite Challenges – Tried / Working On

Blood’s Thicker Than Water

My Favorite Challenges – Not Yet Tried

Variations of the Legacy Challenge
The Alphabet Legacy Challenge
Breed Out the Ugly

Changing Things Up
The Everything Legacy Challenge

Disney Legacy Challenges
7 Dwarves Legacy Challenge
Disney Princess Challenge
Disney Villains Challenge

Goal Specific Legacy Challenges
5 Year Celebration Legacy
Bad to Good Legacy Challenge
Lifestyle Legacy Challenge
MySims Legacy Challenge

Supernatural Legacy Challenges
Greek God Legacy Challenge
Season of the Witch
Vampire Takeover Challenge

Survival Legacy Challenges
Apocalypse Challenge

World / City Building
Build Newcrest
Build Newcrest 2.0

Unsorted Challenges
Avengers Legacy Challenge
Challenge Mash-Up
End My Suffering
Flower Legacy Challenge
Gem Stone Legacy
The Highlander Crest
I’m A Lover
ISBI (I’m Surrounded by Idiots)
Life and Death Legacy
The Medieval Legacy
Not So Berry Challenge
Persephones Underworld Challenge
Seven Wizards Challenge
Trinity Challenge
Vongola Legacy Challenge